BodyVitality Center Website

Responsive Web Design from Valentine Media for BodyVitality Center in Olean

Project Description

In the early Spring of 2015, BodyVitality Center (previously known as Laser Lipo Solutions) approached Valentine Media to help with the design and development of their website and to coincide with the launch of this brand new company. Valentine Media was up to the task and provided not just a responsive and valuable marketing tool, but helped design various of marketing products such as business cards, brochures, and helped with the creation of their Facebook page and many of its earlier visual elements.

Project Details

Client BodyVitality Center
Date June 2015
Skills Web Design

Information on Services

One of the key elements that helps make this project a valuable tool for BodyVitality Center is the extensive information regarding the various services provided at their location. Producing the amount of material on the services pages allows for a more well informed client.

Contact Page with Form

After providing visitors with the information that they need, having a reliable and easy to use form of contact is important. Featuring Google maps to give the visitor a better understanding of the location along with an easy-to-use contact form, BodyVitality Center has a valuable tool for turning leads into clients.

Web Design mock-up Valentine Media for BodyVitality Center

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