Blacksail Defense Ltd.

Website Redesign

Black Sail Defense Ltd - website redesign

Project Description

Black Sail Defense Ltd. approached Valentine Media to have their website redesigned to be more visually stimulating. This website was to include an extensive listing for the various security and consulting services offered and a contact form for visitors to inquire more information.

Project Details

Client Black Sail Defense Ltd.
Date June 2016
Skills Rebranding, Web Design

Website Redesign

When Valentine Media was approached to redesign the previous website, it was completely text based outside of the logo in the top header. After researching and understanding the various services Black Sail Defense Ltd offered, an appropriate user interface and graphics were implemented to create a good balance of graphics and information.
Web Design mock-up Valentine Media for Black Sail Defense Ltd.
Web redesign mock-up Valentine Media for Black Sail Defense

Responsive Layout

In 2015, consumption of internet usage by mobile devices surpassed 51%. Valentine Media designs and develops all of its websites with mobile devices in mind in addition to regular desktop browsing. During the redesign, it was decided that Black Sail Defenses’ website should be responsive for phones and tablets of various brands.

Contact Page with Form

Having a reliable and easy to use form of contact with your clients is important. In addition to having a contact page, “Call To Action” buttons were strategically placed on the service pages to help increase the conversions.
Web Design mock-up Valentine Media for Black Sail Defense