The dictionary defines Marketing as “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

So what does that mean and how does it help you?

Well, this means that the first thing you need to do is find out who your customers are. Who would use your product or service? Once you know who has a need and uses what you’re selling, you’ll need to formulate your plan to get your items or services in the hands of those people.

This is where marketing firms and design houses come into play. You can outsource to a company that does that full time or you can try and do it in-house.

You may be very excited about your idea or product, but never lose track of your main audience. It’s all about your customers and their need or want for your product. They may not be as enthusiastic about what you’re selling as you are. That’s where the marketing comes in. It’s a marketers job to show potential customers what you see and help them understand what you’re offering in order to get them just as exhilarated as you.

Some methods can be small guerrilla/viral bits that will create awareness to full blown adverts in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and television commercials. It all depends on who your audience is. Are they young millennials that don’t watch much television, but are heavy users of social media sites like facebook and reddit? Maybe web advertisements or Youtube videos will be a good direction. If they’re an older demographic try television, radio, and newspaper. Business to business? Try trade magazines and websites like linked in.

No matter who your customer is, there is always a way to reach them with your next big idea. With a little guidance you can get there, but it’s up to you to choose which avenue you want to take.

Here at Valentine Media we can help you with your marketing materials. We can create an entire brand identity or design flyers, business cards, rack cards, brochures, whatever your marketing needs may be to help get your word out, we have the creative talents to make it pop and grab your customers’ attention.