So your doors are about to open (or reopen) and you are ready to share with the world the culinary treasures that you have prepared. But you may have a few questions.

How do you get the word out? 

Most restaurants have a Facebook page that they use to help market their business, but Facebook’s algorithm only goes so far and typically reaches just about 5% of your audience. You are also at Facebook’s whim when it comes to reaching your audience in the future. This is where having an attractive and effectively designed and built website comes in handy. 

One of the best marketing strategies is email marketing. If you had your own website, you would be able to use it to gather email addresses from your guests and visitors of the website in order to send out emails letting them know about special events and other promotions regarding your restaurant.

Websites for Restaurants
Web Design for Restaurants

How do you showcase your talent in the kitchen and show off your beautiful atmosphere? 

Another great advantage of having a custom website is you are able to introduce yourself and your staff to create a more personal experience. You can highlight their work and achievements, along with photos and videos showcasing them preparing meals and even show off your establishment.

How can people find you? 

Having your own custom website for your restaurant also allows you to provide your visitors with another way for them to find you. When someone searches for restaurants in their area, there is a good chance that your website will show up. When I put together websites for my clients I make sure that I am adding their websites to places like Google Maps, Google Search, Bing Search, Yellow Pages, etc. This will create a better opportunity for my clients to get noticed on the internet and can result in more revenue for their business.

One of the most popular ways to have a website designed and built is on the platform WordPress which can be hosted on a provider of your choice. When you have a customized WordPress website, it is yours. You are not restrained to designs and layouts that may not match your brand. Subscription services like Wix are limited in design and functionality. Having a custom WordPress website is your best bet of having a successful website that not only looks great, but when designed and built right will work for your business as a very effective and valuable marketing tool that will get butts in those seats.

If you are looking to have a website built, Valentine Web Design will work with you to find the best way to reach your business goals. With years of experience and positive results, I can help you with your website. Please feel free to email me or fill out this questionnaire to get started on your project.