When you’re a small or medium sized business trying to create an online presence, one of the major things to do is to have a website built. Many business owners tend to move on to other things once that’s done. The truth is, sites need to be backed up, elements within the site need to be updated, and SEO might need to adapt to new standards. And that takes time. Time that business owners may not have. This is where having a website maintenance contract comes in handy.

A website maintenance contract usually provides the client with a series of maintenance and security services that help relieve the business from these tasks, and allows them more time to devote to their business.

Some services can be:

  • CMS (Content Management System) update
  • Plugin & software updates
  • Full site and database backups
  • Website reviews for broken links and reduced load-times
  • Adding new products (eg: homes for real-estate agencies)
  • Maximizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Design time for image updates (usually hourly rates)
  • And more

Having a website for your business is just another tool to help you build and continue relationships with your clients. It needs to be sharpened periodically, and that’s where maintenance contracts come in.

If you or your business is looking to have a website designed and built, we can help you. Valentine Media has over fifteen years of experience, and offers high quality, affordable websites. We will also be rolling out website maintenance packages shortly, so keep checking to see if we can help you save time and money on your current or next website.

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