This week we are continuing to create your website with the next step, website design. By now you should have a site map drawn out to how you want your website to function. Now comes the various design stages of how you want your website to look. I like to start out with a sketch pad, drawing out simple mock-ups (or wire-frames) of how I want everything laid out on each page.

Once I have a layout that I like I move to Photoshop, where I create a design of the site in a more complete form. This is the stage where I start to play with color schemes to see what compliments the design the most along with adding more detail to the website design. This is also the stage where I will acquire any stock photos that I need so that I can lay them out in Photoshop with the design. Putting all this together will give the feel of a completed design and will allow me to see if all of the elements visually work together properly.

After I have settled on the design and have created a few mock-ups of all the sub-pages I then move on to the next stage, Page building.

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