We all know that a lot of businesses utilize the connections made via social media. Most Business to Consumer (B2C) companies use sites like Facebook & Twitter. When you own a B2B business, your reach can be somewhat limited in your social media options. One of the best sites (if not the best site) for B2B businesses is Linked In. Linked In is a business networking site that connects you with other professionals in your field. There are many ways to use the site and here are just a few tips that will help you grow your B2B business online.

Create a Linked In Page

When you first sign up, it’s best to start your own Linked In company page. This will be a base for all of your posts and allow you to share you website’s blog posts and blog posts of other reputable companies in your industry.


The purpose of social media sites is to connect with people. On Linked In, those people are reputable people in your profession. Focus on making quality connections with industry leaders and people with great influence in their field. Once you connect with someone, make sure you open up channels for conversation. Introduce yourself and let them know how you can help them when needed.

Premium Account

Look to upgrading your account to the premium level. This allows you to send emails to other Linked In members and allows you to perform more detailed searches to help with your lead generation.


Join Linked In groups and start to interacting with your peers. This allows you to make needed connections and helps you to become an influential member of your group and in your field of expertise.


Just like blogging on your own website, blogging on Linked In helps bring attention to yourself and your company.

I hope this post gives you a good idea on how to use Linked in for your B2B business online. If you are looking to have a website designed or even redesigned, fill out this quick survey to see how we can help you with your brand or company’s online presence.

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