Welcome once again to my blog. In my last post I wrote about what is good design and why you need it. Here I am going let you know about my process of graphic design production and what is all involved from A to Z.

With this series of posts I will give the example of a fictional brewing company who is looking to have labels and packaging materials designed for their many lines of beer. The company is called the Knights of Brew and would like to follow a Medieval/Fantasy theme for their brand and the many flavors of beer they want to sell to their customers.

Stage 1: Research, Consultation & Quote

It’s always good to know who you’re talking to and what they’re all about. This usually will start off with reading their website, while taking notes throughout. Then it’s on to their social media outlets such as facebook and linkedin, and then review websites. After I see how they interact with their customers, I start to get a picture of who they are and what their personalities are like. This helps me with my approach to the company. In this case the client is very outgoing and their company persona plays the role of a fantasy based character from something you would see from Dungeons & Dragons, or Lord of the Rings.

Once I have a good grasp of their brand I will meet with them to go over what they would like from me. We’ll discuss their ideas and come up with a possible game plan that I will follow to get the potential client to where they need to be. After we’re done meeting I will go back to my office where I will crunch the numbers and get back to them with a quote. This will normally take a few business days.

If everything sounds right, we move on to stage 2.

Be sure to check back every Tuesday for more blog posts and I am constantly updating my portfolio. If you are interested in my services feel free to contact me any time.