When it comes to presenting your business online, you want to have a reliable, attractive, and fast-loading website. Keeping up with current technology will allow you to build and maintain relationships with your customers. To do that you need to take a good look at your website. Here is a list of signs that you should look out for to determine if your website needs a makeover.

  1. Loading Speed – If you have too many large images, or too many plugins, your website may take a few of minutes to load. This could result in a potential customer becoming impatient and moving on to another site. Streamlining your site for a fast load-time is important.
  2. HamsterDanceDated and Low Quality Graphics – One way to speed up your load-time is to lower the quality of your images. There are ways to decrease the file sizes, and still keep the quality levels of your images. Make sure all your graphics are relevant to the conversation you’re having with the visitor. You don’t need to have an animated gif of fireworks, or hamsters dancing if you’re selling medical supplies.
  3. Text Heavy – What’s worse than having bad graphics? Having no graphics. When visiting a website, people tend to look at pictures first. Use that power to draw their attention to reading what you have to say. Make sure the graphic or image is relatable to the discussion you want to have, and that there is a nice balance between text and imagery.
  4. Poor Color Scheme – When you go to a business meeting or on a date, you want to make sure your outfit doesn’t clash. The same goes for color schemes on your website. Tie in colors from your logo to create a nice motif.
  5. Lack of Social Media – In today’s world of mobile browsing and social media, it is always best to keep the dialogue open on many fronts. Creating social media pages and having them link to your website and vice-versa is a great way to move the conversation to the many platforms that are available at people’s fingertips. Also, having multiple links going to your page helps with your website’s SEO.
  6. Not Responsive – In 2014, mobile web browsing overtook traditional desktop browsing as more people are now viewing the internet on their phones and mobile devices. If your website is not responsive for mobile browsing, you’re losing out on a great opportunity to capture for visitors and potentially more customers.

So, I hope this little list helps you test your website. Keeping your site up to date and fresh is a big way to keep your visitors returning to your site.

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