Welcome to the final part of my trilogy of posts focusing on my design process. Last week I focused on concepts. I typically send a client three concepts to keep things simple. I tend to give about 5 business days to reply with a choice of one of the three concepts along with any questions, comments, or revisions they might want to see. This brings of to stage 3, Revisions.

Revisions are small changes that help guide the designer and the artwork to its final destination. Determining what was agreed upon for revisions, The Knights of Brew company can only make a certain amount of revisions within the contract. If they go over that limit, then an hourly rate is charged in addition to the agreed upon price. If I have done my job correctly and followed the notes I took at my meeting with the clients, there shouldn’t be many (if any) revisions. Some revisions can be minuscule, such as kerning (space between letters) or leading (space between lines) in the type, or color changes, or small tweaks in the imagery.

For this example, I made some changes to give the idea of what kind of revisions might be made. Here I changed the style of helmet on the knight and tweaked some of the colors.

Once the revisions are made, new files are sent to the customer for proof approval. If everything goes well and they like it, final payment is rendered and final digital files are delivered on a CD or flash drive. In this scenario, the file was approved and was produced as a label for the clients’ beer bottles.

I hope this small series of blog posts helped you understand my design process. If you are interested in my services, feel free to contact me for a free quote.

Please check back next week to see what I have in store for 2015. Also, don’t forget to “like” us on facebook. We are also active on Google+.

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