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Building Your Online Presence

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

What is an Online Presence

An online presence is the total of all the identities you’ve created and the interactions that you have established, and participated in, online. When built successfully it can spread brand awareness and boost your fans, followers, leads, clients and other benefits for your business.

Setting Goals

The first step you must take it to set goals for your business, both short-term and long-term. Write them down and refer back to them often to make sure you’re on track with your goals.

Online Real Estate

Once your goals have been established you need to start staking out your online real estate. You need a central hub or base of operations where your business will live. This will be your website. Make sure that your website’s address matches your business in name or industry. This will help with SEO. Search Engine Optimization is very important to your business’s website. It allows people to find your website using certain keywords in their online searches.

Moving Ahead

Always keep growing your website and improving various elements. Create a blog where you can continually interact with your visitors. Redesigns of websites should be every few years to stay up with current trends functionality.

Provide Value and Build Relationships

Whether it’s through your website or social media page, constantly provide value to your visitors and readers. Make sure that they are gaining something from visiting your page. This can be done through your blog, shares on your Facebook or Twitter page, or even posts on your Linked In page. By consistently providing value to your readers and interacting with them via comments, you will build relationships with them. These relationships are good for you and your customers. It allows you to get a personal understanding of what your audience is looking for and gives you the opportunity to provide them with a personal experience with your business.


When all is said and done, you need to see results from your hard work. This is where tracking comes in. Viewing your likes and conversations on sites like Facebook and looking at your statistics via Google Analytics help you get an idea of you audience and who they are. This helps with your marketing because you can now have a more concentrated approach to your potential customers.

I hope these tips help you establish your online presence. When it comes to website design and graphic design needs, keep Valentine Media in mind as we can help not only by designing and building your website, but we can work with your branding on the various social media sites and provide you with a large arsenal of graphics for future posts to those pages. If you are looking to have a website designed or even redesigned, fill out this quick survey to see how we can help you with your brand or company’s online presence.

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